Monogram Cork Board


Last year I did a similar post on a Monogram Letter where I used artificial flowers as a way to doctor up a large letter for decor around the house. This post is very similar to that but instead of flowers I’ve used wine corks. If you didn’t already know this, I have a slight, some may say addiction to wine. But I also work in the front of the house of a Country Club where I open 2-6 bottles of wine a week, sometimes many more and lots of my corks come from work lol so not ALL these corks are from me poppin bottles every night. I’m sure many of you have seen these cork board projects on pinterest, and if you haven’t well this is a very simple project and cute one to have around in the office.

This monogram letter was made for my Chef who got married this past weekend. As a wedding gift, I made them this little board of their new last name so they have something nice to hang some wedding photos on! If you aren’t able to collect wine corks as fast as me, you can find them on sale in most craft stores as well. These monogram boards make excellent gifts for the holidays and birthdays. Also it’s an hour long project that costs under $15! Can’t beat that. Happy crafting ya’ll!!


Mise en Place:

-1 Large Monogram Letter (I used wood for this project)

-50+ Wine Corks

-Hot Glue Gun

-Glue Sticks (At least 5)

-Colored Paint (optional)

-1 Sawtooth Hanger with Nails

Method Of Prep:

-If planning to hang this board, attach sawtooth hanger with nails on back of board using a hammer.

-If you plan to paint the letter, first paint the back and allow to dry. Then paint the front and sides, allow to dry.

-Begin gluing on the corks one at a time until the board is fully covered. Depending on the shape of the letter, some areas might be tricky to fill, just do what you can to make the cork fit, even if you have to cut some in half. There may end up being some gaps throughout the letter, which is normal…some areas you really cant fully cover.

-Hang and decorate the board.



Hanger tea

I think this is such a neat design for teabags. I don’t think this design will get me to drink more tea but maybe it will for other people. How do you feel about this teabag design?


Designer: Soon Mo Kang


Wool butchery

When you think of knitting, the first thing that should come to your mind is a scarf, or hat, maybe even a blanket. Depending on the occasion and given talent anything is possible to knit. Would you ever thinkΒ  to knit food items such as pork chops, bacon strips, a pigs head, egg, or sausage links? Clemence Joly who was inspired by French cuts of meat did. Clemence designed The wool butchery prior to graduating from Central Saint Martins College of Arts and design in London. Her wool meats were displayed at the Fabrications Gallery at the Broadway Market in London. An Example of some of her art is displayed below. Take a look at her website on more information.


Source: Fine dining lovers. Clemence Joly

Edible cookbook

This German cookbook is from the designer korefe and is a real cookbook that teaches people how to make a classic lasagna. This book is made of real pasta and each page tells a new step in how to make the dish. This is a book I think I would enjoy! πŸ™‚

edible cookbook by korefe.

Source: Korefe via Designboom