Not to confuse this drink with the powdered orange drank that is popular with breakfast. I’m calling this juice I whipped up the other morning for my breakfast tang because of the tart spiciness that is derived from the flavor of the drink once it’s consumed. I don’t always add ginger into drinks but when I do it’s because I know the spicy flavor will balance very well with the rest of the ingredients in the drink. The combination of 2 citrus in the drink (orange and lemon) adds an awesome tart feeling in the mouth that is then softened by the sweet natural sugars in the apple.

The flavors in the juice really pop in your mouth, it feels invigorating. This version of tang is a very enjoyable juice to drink. I had a few people on my faceboook page requesting the recipe for this drink so here it is.


Tang: Serves: 1

Mise en Place:

-1/2 Orange

-1/4 Lemon

-2 Small Chunks Ginger (About 2″ in size), Peeled

-1 Apple

-3 Handfuls Spinach

-1 Carrot

Method of Prep:

-If your using a juicer, Place all the ingredients, one at a time, in the juicer and allow all the juice to flow into a container.

-Pour juice into a shaker filled with ice and shake up to mix.

-Pour into drinking glass of choice, fill with ice.


-**If you don’t have a juicer, you can use a vitamix or other high speed blender. Slowly add in each ingredient until Blended. I recommend first removing the seeds from the apple and lemon/orange and also cutting the apple into 1/4ths. If mixture is too thick upon blending, add in a little water to loosen it up. Blend for 1 minute.

-Once everything is blended, stain through a fine mesh stainer to remove the pulp.

-Stir juice with a spoon and pour into drinking glass over ice.


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