Lentil Bowl



Alright friends I’ve gone MIA this month and apologize for my lack of blogging. This has been a crazy month for me with lots of vacation time and traveling. I took the time off from work and cooking in general, I hope you didn’t miss me too much :). With that said, I”m slowly getting back into the swing of things and am ready to start cooking again at home! Whose ready for some good food??

To start things off on a healthy note, I made this lentil bowl which is my healthier version of a rice bowl. I basically had a bunch of random ingredients left over in my refrigerator from this last week and took what I could and turned it into a vegetarian bowl.Β  My favorite thing about food bowls is you can add whatever the hell you want to make it delicious!

There are 3 phases to making the perfect bowl:

1.) Choose your base- Great suggestions include: Lentils, rice, beans, quinoa, couscous, or mashed potatoes (Yes mashed potatoes).

2.) Add a protein- Whatever kind of meat you love! I enjoy: Tofu, Chicken, pork or all vegetables!

3.) Fixins’- Also known as toppings! I recommend: Mixed vegetables (cooked or raw), salsa, grated cheese, guacamole and lettuce.



Lentil Bowl: Vegan/Gluten Free/Dairy Free

Mise En Place:

-1 Cup Lentils

-3 Cups Water

-1 Red pepper, Julienne

-1 Avocado, mashed and seasoned (with S&P, and a sprinkle of cumin) You may simply dice the avocado if you wish.

-1/2 Small Yellow onion, Julienne

-1 small Tomato, diced Or salsa

-1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil or cooking fat of choice

-1 Teaspoon Cumin

-S&P, TT

-Small bunch Cilantro, chopped


Method of Prep:

-Cook lentils in simmering water until well done. (Approximately 15 minutes stirring often and kept covered)

-Over medium heat, melt oil and saute vegetables 3-5 minutes until cooked. Season with cumin, salt and pepper while cooking.

-Once lentils are cooked, spoon into a small bowl. Top with vegetables (or protein), Add salsa, mashed avocado, cheese and other remaining ingredients.

-Sprinkle with cilantro and dig in!





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