Watermelon Salad


My fiance and I ran away to NYC this past week to celebrate our 2 year anniversary and see some good friends. Before we left, we had raid the refrigerator and get rid of or try to use up the last of everything that wouldn’t hold for the rest of the week. I had half a watermelon and decided to use it up in two ways: watermelon aqua fresca and in a salad with some of the pickled veg. I made. The results were pretty fantastic. This is a great summer treat to have on your menus in the next few months.


Mise en Place:

-Half of a watermelon, Cup up in anyway you prefer to eat yours. (I chose the triangle slices)

-1 Pickled beet, sliced 1/4″ thick

-1 Small handful of Pickled Onions

-Goat Cheese, for garnish

-Chopped Walnuts, for garnish


Method of Prep:

-Cut watermelon to preferred size. You have the option of tossing all the above ingredients together or doing as I did and laying everything on top and mixing together as you cut and eat.




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