Superbowl Grub


Lets be honest, aside from the commercials, the superbowl is a large get together for food and beer right? Unless your team made it that far, then its like chocolate covered bacon…pretty epic.

If you’re making plans to watch the game with some friends this Sunday evening, here is a list of some of my favorite recipes that are a little healthier than the packaged frozen foods or Papa Johns purchased game day foods.

Summer Rolls: Keeping them with vegetables is the way to go. If you want to make these rolls a little more football related, add some buffalo chicken inside with thinly sliced celery, carrots, chiffonade basil, and lettuce.


Broccoli Salad: My favorite kind of salad! for better flavor, roast the broccoli first in a little EVOO, s&p until crispy.


Black Bean Burgers: Forget grilling burgers and make your own veggie burgers, They are simple to make and very delicious. Did I mention they’re healthy too? These go great with your favorite burger topping!

-Roasted Portabella Burgers: Another tasty burger Idea. This is more for the anti-grain folks…minus the bun of course!


Beer Bread: No football game is complete without beer. Pair your beer some beer bread! Another extremely easy recipe to make. Spread some butter on top and enjoy!


Cinnamon Apple Chips: Skip the Doritos and Lays potato chips. They are both loaded with msg’s, gmo’s, and other crap your body doesn’t need. Instead munch on these much healthier chips.

-Kale Chips: Only the best way to eat kale. I recommend starting these the Friday before the superbowl. They take up to 1 day to dehydrate…the wait is totally worth it!


Bacon & Avocado Quesadillas: Words cant express how delicious these are. Dip them in buffalo sauce preferably Franks Red hot.


Cauliflower Crust Pizza: If your planning on ordering pizza, forget about it! Make this awesome crust and spread some pizza sauce along with favorite pizza toppings! Another healthy alternative.


-Whole Wheat Pizza Dough: The cauliflower crust can be time consuming. This dough is a lot easier to make and just as tasty with your favorite toppings.


Hummus: The best dip in the world. Why wouldn’t you include it at your superbowl party?? Just don’t forget the celery/carrot sticks and cucumber slices (pita and pretzels are great as well!)

Corn Salsa: Pick up a bag of blue corn tortilla chips! your going to need them for this black bean and corn salsa a better version of pico. (spread on your quesadilla if you want!)

Guacamole: Mashed avocado, whats not to love? Another great fixin for your quesadilla.


Smoked Gouda Mac: Mac and cheese + football + beer = Awesome.

Mahi Tacos: I’m obsessed with TACOS! If someone doesn’t have tacos at their dinner party, then I’m leaving. if you don’t care for fish tacos, make up your own kind using beef, chicken, or whatever protein you prefer! TACOS!

Chili: I save the best for last. Every superbowl, chili has been a tradition in my family for many years. This recipe is vegetarian but if you enjoy a little chicken, beef or venision in your chili, feel free to add it in! Dip your beer bread in here! Just don’t forget the sour cream, scallions and cheese!

One last bit of advise, you should include margaritas at your super bowl party. I’m not talking about the real tart sour mix you buy from the store. Use this recipe and you will thank me later:

Margaritas: I mean, If your having tacos, chips and salsa and quesadillas….then you need margaritas. Not everyone likes beer but Everyone likes a good margarita. Cheers!


Go Browns!


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