My Hot Toddy


I only know a small handful of women who enjoy whiskey and I’m one of them. Most ladies I know go for the flavored vodkas and California wine. There’s nothing wrong with that, personally I’d choose whiskey over vodka tonics any day.

With colder weather floating around in the air, a lot of folks are starting to come down with the flu and other uncomfortable throat and sinus infections that can keep us from having a good day and getting a much needed good nights rest. I’ve given up on taking cough syrups because lets be honest they are disgusting. I usually turn to hot tea and showers along with lots of good rest to try to fight away colds. When things begin to worsen for example my nose gets stuffed up, and I have a terrible cough, I turn to hot toddies to make me feel better. These are a common drink that many people recommend to help fight a cold. The whiskey will help you sleep while the lemon and honey help to soothe the throat. With my addition of a cinnamon stick and star anise, it adds a wonderful fall flavor and gives this drink a lot more character. I feel it also takes the attention off the whiskey a little bit making this hot beverage easier to drink. Drink one cup of this just before your bedtime (whether your sick or not) and you will sleep well and wake up feeling a little better.


Active Time: 5 Minutes

Total Time: 10 Minutes

Mise En Place:

-2 Ounces Jack Daniels (or Whiskey of choice)

-1/2 Lemon, cut in slices

-1 Tablespoon Honey

-1 Small Cinnamon Stick

-1 Star Anise

-4 Ounces Hot water

Other Tools:

-Tea Pot

-Tea cup (Coffee mug)


Method Of Preparation:

-Make this the same way you make tea:

-Bring a pot of water to a boil.

-While waiting for water to boil, Place honey, cinnamon stick, anise, whiskey, and one lemon slice in your tea cup.

-Pour hot water into cup, stir with spoon and squeeze a little more lemon juice into the cup to your liking.



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Food & Wine connoisseur, I love to make beautiful things even if nobody cares. Nikon D3100 & Google Pixel photo journalist & writer. I've started this blog to share my enthusiasm of the culinary world among other personal interests with folks who maintain involvement in the food world and to enliven others who want to develop a love for cooking, crafting and wellness. Be active, be healthy, be happy. Thanks for stopping by! Cheers :)

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