Recycled Knife Guards


One important rule in the kitchen is to work safely. We tend to make silly mistakes when working in the kitchen especially during this time of the year when most folks are rushing to get holiday baking and food prepared in time for family dinners. We get wound up and distracted by being behind on our schedule of cooking that we tend to miss small things that could lead to an unsafe work environment. (For example spilling something on the floor. You should immediately attack the spill to prevent you or someone else from slipping when one isn’t paying attention.) Everyone has at least 2 knives in their kitchen but does everyone have a knife guard or case to protect those knives? Probably not. If your one of the people who keep their knives scattered in the kitchen drawer I ask that you take a few minutes and create a knife protector. This is good safety for you or whoever else reaches their hand in the drawer to grab a fork and ends up brushing the side of their hand against the blade of a sharp knife. Plus these covers will protect the blade of your knife from being damaged and keep them sharp for longer.

I’ve always been a hands on gal and love dedicating a few hours in the week to arts and crafts. You can make these for your own tools or get creative and make some as a nice gift for whoever spends a lot of time in their kitchen cooking. From what I’ve seen in the past at other folks kitchens is they have their knives scattered in a drawer. If you don’t keep your knives in a knife block on the counter, you should invest in knife guards. This post will show you how you can make some at home from recycling. I have a knife magnet in my kitchen so all my knives are hung up on the wall (It’s safer than it sounds πŸ™‚ )

All you have to do is go buy a 6 pack of beer from the store, save the beer carton, grab some tape and scissors and get started on decorating a nice case for your knife. Or you can go to the store and spend anywhere between $7 and $15 dollars for the plastic covers. I like this idea better. Cereal boxes, cookie boxes, etc all work well for this project also!


Tools Needed:

-6 pack case (from beer)


-Tape (duct tape or blue painters tape work best)

-paint, stickers, or other items you want to decorate your cover with. (optional)




-Take the 6 pack and cut off the two small sides. (Those are 2 of your first covers) Set aside.

-Remove the bottom of the box (That is another guard). Set aside.

-Remove the middle dividers from the carton and toss. Take the two remaining sides (front and back of the box) fold in half, set aside. (Last 2 guards)

-At this point you should have 5 guards.

-Take each guard, fold in half (like a hot dog bun, long way).

-Tape the top and the long side. (leave the bottom open, this is where you will insert your knife)

-Decorate the guard if desired.

-Slide any knife that will fit in the guard and store safely in a drawer.

**Note: If you have a larger or smaller knife that doesn’t match the size of the covers on the box, you will need to measure them out separately. Do this by laying for example a pairing knife on top of one of the guards you cut out. Fold the guard in half long ways and cut to the length of the blade on the knife (cutting off about 2 inches from the top).



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