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I recently just celebrated my one year blog-anniversary, meaning I’m only one year into blogging. I started this blog as a hobby to share my love for food with other passionate food and beverage connoisseurs. Due to the fact that I am not a full time blogger, I have a goal of trying to post at least 2 times per week. I hope through my progress on moving forward with this blog that year after year I will develop a good fan base and be able to work with many people and other companies who will sponsor me and who I can help to sell their products to benefit everyone.

I was very excited to get an e-mail a month back from a man named Reid Edgar who is the manager of an online high end gourmet food store called Snazzy Gourmet. Some of the products sold include: Olive oils, sauces, rubs, jellies, curries, pilafs, and more. This site has a good amount of excellent products at an inexpensive cost. Here’s a few of his products I sampled that I really enjoyed:

Coconut Soup:

-There are simple directions on the back of this pouch that include how to cook the soup and what to add into it. I took my favorite curry recipe and just substituted this soup instead of using panang curry. I cooked off a pot of rice and served that with this soup and it was yummy! Or you can just eat it as a soup πŸ™‚

Pickled Okra:

-One, I love okra. Plain, fried, and pickled. There is nothing southern about me except my love for okra and friend bologna sandwiches which by the way this okra is fantastic with. I’ve also added this okra into stir frys, used as a garnish, and eaten them in tacos. There are a lot of possibilities with this product. My absolute favorite of the samples! See below my fried bologna sandwich with the okra

Sweet Onion Petals:

-This is the final product I sampled. A nice sweet onion that goes wonderful on a burger or on a pizza. The texture and taste reminds me of caramelized onions and they are very easy to eat with just about anything savory.

Take a few minutes and check out the Snazzy Gourmet website. If you’re interested in trying something before you purchase it you can always ask Reid to send you a sample. Also, if you’re impressed with some of the products and would like to purchase anything from Snazzy gourmet, please make note that you were recommended this site by Driven2eat. I appreciate it!


-Any questions you have regarding these or other products from Snazzy Gourmet please e-mail me at:


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