White House Beer Recipe

If you’re a beer advocate like myself you might find this article very cool. I didn’t know that the White House brews their own beer. It’s a new tradition that the Chef’s have begun this past year. I can’t wait to begin brewing my own beer again as soon as I can afford all the equipment. I’ve done it once 3 years ago with my college room mate. Stefani and I brewed a fat tire ale that came out fantastic. Check out the White House Beer Recipe. It looks delicious and I might have to borrow it and make a batch of my own! What are your thoughts of the White House brewing their own beer??

If you’ve never brewed your own beer or don’t know the concept of home brewing I’ve submitted some photos below from 3 years ago when I did it with some friends. Beer kits are fairly inexpensive and you can find them at many different locations. Most liquor stores have them if you are unsure where to search. It takes a few hours to start the beer and another 4 weeks to finish it. You can get around 2 cases of beer from the beer batch. Much cheaper than going out drinking if you add up all your bar tabs!


The beginning process of steeping the hops, yeast, and malts.

Removing the malt and yeast.

Straining out the hops.

Pouring out into a secondary fermenter

Filling the airlock halfway with Jack Daniels instead of water…A necessary flavor addition πŸ™‚

Fermenting the beer in our coat closet. Keep in a dark, and cool area for 2 weeks.

Taking the beer out of the fermenter back into the original container to be bottled up.

Bottling the beer. Save as many beer bottles with the pop tops if you can.

Placing the tops on the bottles

That makes 1 case of Fat tire πŸ™‚

The final product. The result had a much lighter color than we anticipated but the taste was spot on. The cloudiness in the beer is the yeast, it will not harm but actually help you..if you know what I mean.

Cheers, Enjoy!


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