Infused Vodka (continued)

I put up a post 3 weeks ago about a cucumber infused vodka I randomly decided to do one day. Infused vodkas have been a trend in many bars and restaurants for a few years now and are very popular amongst the younger females. Vodka as most folks know doesn’t have a flavor at all which makes it very easy to infuse with. When Infusing liquor the best thing to do is buy the cheap stuff. If you think about it, who goes out to the bar and takes shots of the bottom shelf vodka? That’s just nasty. Cheap vodka is almost meant to be used for infusing. If not, what else is it good for?

I had some fruit I wanted to use up so Brandon and I put our gifted culinary minds to the test to see if infusing peaches and watermelons are a good idea. Here are the results: YES. Brandon and I want to start experimenting farther out with other liquors for infusions mostly bourbon and tequila. Those will come later down the road. I’ve included two drink recipes to accompany each vodka. You may use your creativity to fancy a drink of your own. Cheers!

Prep Time for both: 10 Minutes

Actual Time for both: 4 Days

Spiced Peach Vodka:


-1 peach, peeled and chopped up

-8 ounces cheap vodka such as Burnettes

-1 Small chunk of a Cinnamon stick

-1 Small chunk of Star Anise

-2 ounces Simple syrup


-Blend together peach, vodka, and simple syrup in a blender.

-Pour into a mason jar or container you plan to infuse in.

-Add in cinnamon and star Anise. Place in refrigerator for 4 days.

-Strain liquid into another jar or container.

-Make a delicious cocktail out of it. (You may need to add more syrup/sugar if its bitter)

Recommended Recipe:  

Peachy Navel:

You Will Need: –2 Ounces Peach Vodka

-Orange Juice


-1 Slice of an Orange peel

Preparation: -Fill a rocks glass with ice

-Add in Vodka

-Fill ¾  with orange juice

-Top with a splash of Grenadine

-Rub rim of glass with orange peel. (Bend peel first to release oils and zest)

-Throw the peel in with the drink, stir, and Enjoy!

Watermelon “Aqua Fresca” Vodka


-2 Cup Watermelon, chopped and seeded.

-1/2 Cup Simple syrup

-8 Ounces cheap Vodka (Burnettes)


-Blend together watermelon and simple syrup.

-Add in vodka and pour into a mason jar or other container you plan to infuse liquor in.

-place in the refrigerator for 4 days.

-Strain liquid and make a delicious Cocktail.



Recommended Recipe: Watermelon  Cooler

Ingredients: -4 Watermelon ice cubes, (see end note)

-4 Cucumber slices

-1/2 Lime

-Club Soda

-2 Ounces Watermelon Vodka

Preparation: –In a rocks glass add watermelon ice cubes, lime juice from the lime, and cucumbers.

-Add watermelon vodka and a splash of club soda.

-Stir and Enjoy!

**Cut up the squeezed lime into ¼’s and add into drink as well.

Watermelon Ice Cubes

To make this all you have to do is blend watermelon and simple syrup together, using the same measurements mentioned above. Pour into an ice cube tray and freeze until ready for use.

**These are also great to snack on during a hot day and can even be added into other drinks such as lemonade.


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