Food trucks: A new kind of street food

If you’ve been to an active city recently you might notice trucks that are selling food. I’m not talking about the hot dog vendors you see in downtown areas, I’m referring to mobile kitchens.  Food trucks can be defined as a mobile venue that sells food.  Many food trucks contain frozen or prepackaged menu items, however that is not always true. The few I’ve visited  prepare many of their items fresh daily from scratch.

Most of these venues cater to specific meals such as a breakfast truck, or taco truck. A little history: These trucks date back to after the Civil war. During this time many people were making the move out west. The beef market in Texas was high and many men had to herd cattle through the country during a time when there were no railroads causing the men to be on the road for months at a time. This led to the creation of the chuckwagon.

Today: Food trucks are gourmet with a focus on ethnic and fusion cuisine. The menus are limited with a creative background at a reasonable price. The trend in street food has led to a rise in food trucks. It’s an on the go, quick bite for a low price.

Chicago is currently the only city which does not allow food trucks to cook on board. Instead they have to cook in a commercial kitchen, wrap up the product, label and keep it in a warmer. The food truck ordnance requires all food trucks to park 200 feet away from all restaurants and cannot sell food for more than two hours at one location.

If you haven’t experienced going to a food truck rally or stopping by a food truck nearby, I recommend you do it. Many of them can be found around downtown areas or near local parks. You may see them during festivals or concerts in the summer. I’ve come across some awesome trucks with fun menus such as the coolhaus ice cream truck that makes their own ice cream and you can create your own ice cream sandwiches that are served in an edible napkin (pictured below) such as the one I tried in Brooklyn, New York at the Brooklyn Waterfront Beer Festival this past weekend.

<—Double chocolate chip cookie with salty caramel and candied bacon ice cream.

Another fun food truck I cam across was a grilled cheese truck. Grilled cheese is a great comfort food, I couldn’t pass it up. At this food truck I got the trumpet butter, gouda, and bacon grilled cheese with an egg added inside. Simply delicious!

Lastly, what could be better at a bar other than cheap beer and good music? A taco truck!! El Diablo Tacos is open until 3:30 AM everyday. I of course had to get a taco while at the bar.

Other trucks I’ve seen with fun menus are empenadas, dumplings, waffles, fresh squeezed juice, and lobster rolls.

The roaming hunger site is one you can use if you live in or near a large city such as Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, etc to find food trucks near you. There is also a food truck tracker app you can download on your phone to find nearby trucks or you can search online for more information.


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