Fruit fly remedy

Anyone that has ever had over ripe fruit, or old garbage has dealt with fruit flies at one time or another. As for me, I tend to see these unwanted guestsΒ  in my kitchen more than I would like. Brandon Showed me an easy remedy that works to get rid of this epidemic or fruit flies.

You will need:

-1 Tablespoon dish soap

-1/4 Cup red wine vinegar

-1 Small glass or jar that is of no importance.


-Add dish soap and vinegar in glass

-Slowly add a small amount of water and stir carefully to not create many bubbles

-Cover top with a small amount of plastic wrap, pull tight to fit

-Cut a small hole over top and place in the area of where fruit flies are present.

-Once you’ve caught a few change to fresh solution.

-Continue to use until flies vanish.


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