Overnight, refrigerator oatmeal

Recently I’ve started using Pinterest. I didn’t think I would relish on the idea of this application. I suspected it was just another useless tool people were using when they were bored to pass the time. After 1 hour of being on it and searching all the different categories I started to get addicted to the site. My favorite of course is the food section. I’ve come across a majority of easy, fun, and delicious recipes. One of them being this oatmeal recipe via www.pepperlynn.com and wwwtheyummylife.com.

If you have a love for oatmeal andΒ  have busy mornings,Β  here is a recipe you will without a doubt enjoy. Overnight, no bake refrigerator oatmeal. Effortless with a few altered flavors combinations. High in protein, calcium, and fiber. Low in fat and sugar.


If the above recipes aren’t appealing to your, here are a few more flavor suggestions you may enjoy:






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