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Who doesn’t love a good noodle soup??

Not too many people I know have heard of Pho. I had no idea what it was until a friend of mine made it for lunch one afternoon. This delicious Vietnamese noodle soup is one of my favorite international dishes. It’s simple to make, reasonably inexpensive, and very tasty. The traditional way to make it is much more complex that the recipe I’ve created.

Pho is usually served with beef (pho bo) or chicken (pho ga). This soup includes rice noodles and is often accompanied with basil, mint, limes, and bean sprouts for a garnish. If you love soup I highly recommend you give this recipe a shot.  I’ve included the full recipe and the shortened recipe if you are on a budget or time limit.


A.)   Broth

–          5 pounds beef marrow or knuckle bone.

–          2 pounds Beef chuck

–          2 pieces of ginger, cut thin, slightly charred

–          2 Yellow onions, quartered and peeled, slightly charred

–          ¼ Cup fish sauce

–          3 Tablespoons sugar

–          5 Whole star anise, lightly toasted

–          2 Cinnamon sticks

–          1 Tablespoon salt


B.)    Alternative Broth

-Substitute Beef broth from the store instead of making your own.  Include all other above ingredients minus steps 1 and 2.

C.) Noodles

– 1 package Rice noodles, soaked in warm water

-1/3 pound Beef sirloin, slightly frozen, sliced thin across the grain

D.) Garnish

1/2 Yellow onion cut paper thin

1 Bunch Cilantro, rough chop

1 Can bean sprouts

Basil, chiffonade

3 Each limes, cut in wedges


-In a Large stock pot, add in beef broth, cover and bring to a boil.

-While the broth is slowly coming to a boil char the onions and ginger.

-Once the broth has come to a boil add in onions, ginger, fish sauce, and sugar.

-Simmer for about 1 hour

-Wrap spices in a cheesecloth and add in bouquet  to broth and let infuse until fragrant, about another 30 minutes.

-Discard the spices and onions

-Add salt and continue to simmer.

-In a serving bowl add in noodles and very thinly sliced beef.

-Add in boiling broth.

-Add in preferred garnishes


The Hot liquid will cook the beef. Beef must be thinly sliced, if not beef may not fully cook in the liquid not to mention sirloin can become tough if not sliced thin enough.  I found it easier to freeze it slightly prior to cutting. You can use any cut of beef, most recipes call for sirloin. You can also substitute chicken or have no meat at all just vegetables.  Brandon and I just happened to have marrow bones left over from dinner a previous night so I added that to the broth as well. Other popular garnishes for the soup are scallions, hot sauces, chilies, Asian basil, and mint. If you decide to make your own broth, preparation instructions are below in a link.


Source: “The foods of Vietnam” by Nicole Routhier


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