Vanilla Extract


If your one of the people who bakes often, vanilla extract is probably a staple in your kitchen. I used to fly through the little $3-5 bottles from Publix from how often I was using it.Β  Working in a kitchen, you pick up on little tips and tricks with through cooking and baking with the use of recipes. One trick that I learned was vanilla extract is super simple to make from home! It only uses 2 ingredients and takes 1 month! I prefer it to the store brought because I get a lot more yield and find it cost efficient.

Now that fall is here, everyone should be at least baking pies. If your going to be spending some time baking this fall, I recommend you start a batch of your own vanilla extract asap so it will be ready for you next month!Β Β  If you’re having trouble finding inexpensive vanilla beans you can find them online at top vanilla.



-1 bottle of Vodka. The type doesn’t matter, cheap vodka is best to use. (For this recipe I used Skyy vodka.)

-4 EA vanilla beans split open and seeds scraped. (For a stronger flavor use up to 16 vanilla beans)

-1 empty glass bottle or jar of your choice to store the liquid in. (I found a $3 olive oil bottle from Marshalls that works well.)


Method of prep:

-Split open each of the vanilla beans and scrape the insides into the container you are going to use. Add vanilla beans into container.

-Pour bottle of vodka into jar up to the top. Put the lid back on and place in a cool dark spot.

-Every other day, shake the bottle around to get the vanilla moving.

-Let sit for up to 4 weeks before using or until the color is dark.

-You can remove the vanilla beans at the end or leave them in. I will keep my beans in and eventually incorporate them into cooking which is a good way to utilize the product before throwing it away.


**Note: Your extract will begin to darken in color the longer it sits.


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