Sweet Columbus

When my boyfriend and I were in Columbus, OH back in November a Chef we worked with at The Greenbrier had told us of a few good places to check out while we were there. After catching a live Bluejackets hockey game we had a few hours to spare before heading back to West Virginia. We decided to check out the food scene. There are a multitude of breweries (which I had no idea Columbus had), a quaint little German town, and a ton of other good restaurants and food locales. Brandon and I were told to check out Pistacia Vera, a dessert boutique in historic German Village for some really outstanding macaroons. I’ve never been much of a macaroon fan until I had the privilege of tasting theirs. Their signature item is Macaroon sandwich cookies with either butter cream or ganache filling. These were the freshest, softest, most flavorful cookies I have ever tasted. Flavors included: maple walnut, passion fruit, orange cranberry, pistachio, nutella, mocha, and vanilla bean. Depending on the season they do have other flavors. The flavors of each cookie just exploded in my mouth and blew my taste buds away. I think about these cookies everyday they are that good. Their menu also includes tortes, tarts, pastries, cookies, preserves, and pate de fruits having over 60 seasonal confections and pastries. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend you check it out. All desserts are made from scratch, fresh daily and they have many gluten free, dairy and vegan free products. For a Menu or more information on background of the cafe go www.pistaciavera.com

In the Picture to the left is fresh from scratch a pistachio orange fig dacquoise (Gluten free) and to the right is a Passion fruit Chambord flourless cake (Gluten free & nut free).

Most of everyone has heard of Jeni’s Ice cream and if you haven’t I suggest you do some research to locate the nearest one and go check it out. I’ve heard nothing but good things from everyone who has gone there. I decided its my turn to see what its all about. I am a home cook myself just as she was and making ice creams is one of my favorite things to do when I have the time and money. I bought her book with hopes that I would find good recipes and easy techniques on how to make ice cream better than the store . Upon reading her book and testing out a few recipes I’ve become very happy with each result. If your looking for good quality of texture and consistency I would stop by a jeni’s Ice cream nearest you. My favorite flavor of the batch would have to be the salty caramel. Perfect sweet to salty ratio. Her recipes are made specifically for at home making and are easy to follow. I bought the book and continue to use it every time I make ice cream. If you are unable get to a Jenis location, she does sell her products online for you to buy. Check out her website atΒ http://jenisicecreams.com/ for product information and other goods.


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